Rightly Similar: E-commerce Aesthetic

The four sites that I reviewed for this week’s assignment share a number of design features that are connected to the navigation of the site and helping the user access information. Specifically, if you want to have a successful e-commerce website you need to have a shopping cart/bag in the top right hand corner of your site.   The logo/text image of your company name should be in the left hand corner and always be a link to your home page.  Everything in the top two inches of your site should be your primary navigation and be displayed on every page of your site.  Secondary navigation tends to fall on second level pages and in the left hand column of the page.  The secondary navigation also serves as a filtering tool, and if you need more filters go ahead and add it to your third level pages right below your primary navigation.  I can’t believe that I only reviewed four sites, and these seem to be the golden rules.  And there is more, social network links are not that important — you want users to shop — so place the twitter and facebook links at the bottom of the page.  Photos are a must, to show products and as a way to include ads on your page for those faithful advertisers.  And an accent color should be a must — think orange on bing, red on overstock.  Mean while, light colors that blend or allow white text to fade into them is a not okay, I repeat NOT okay.


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