Non-Profit Analysis: Live Strong

Live Strong is the brand and a website on behalf of the non-profit, Lance Armstrong Foundation and serves as a resource for the latest news on anything regarding cancer. It features endless archives of information on various types of cancer, support groups, giving options, health, fitness and lifestyle promotion. This website has a lot of content and also features forums for people to discuss and share their experiences. People who are drawn to this website would be those who have either suffered from cancer, or have a loved one who has cancer and are looking for resources to answer their questions, or are just looking for support in general.

In terms of design, this website clearly features the most technical design elements out of all the websites included in this aesthetic analysis. Though there may not be as many images as there are with the Our World 2.0 or People for Puget Sound websites, there is much more technology used, visually, with The visual elements appear to be more strategically placed as well. The call to action is nearly the first item I noticed about this website as there are various ways for the viewer to be involved, whether they’re donating or volunteering.

The incorporation of social media is not as prominently displayed with this website in comparison as it is with other websites and the links are almost hidden by being placed at the bottom of the screen. This is surprising as it seems like social media would be an important aspect of this website.


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