Government Website Analysis:

I love the Defense Information Systems Agency website. It resembles other government websites (I analyzed,, and in that the main feature of the page is an image, but its slideshow is superior to the imagery on the other pages in that it is fast moving and features a lot of content while streaming smoothly. In addition, at the top left corner of the slideshow is a menu bar that has links to reach content for all types of viewers. From the general public to industry partners, there is a link for everyone to access the kind of information that would be most suitable for them. Of the government websites I analyzed, the website was the only other page that featured such catered links for viewers, which I think is an extremely effective design choice because it catches the viewers eye as soon as the page is opened and tells them exactly where they need to go.

The shading on the DISA site also makes it stand out from the other sites. It gives a three-dimensional impression without having to add fancy flash features that slow down load time. While it maintains the similar look and feel of the other government sites analyzed in terms of blues and grays, the extra detail the designers took in making it look multidimensional and almost industrial give the impression of a strong organization that is still innovative and up on technology.

I liked this site the most because it focused more on imagery than text. I felt like I could get a lot of information from this site just from watching the slideshow or looking at pictures, I didn’t have to read and that was great!

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