Aesthetic Analysis – E-commerce: is a website dedicated to offering great deals in a humongous variety of items. The highlights of what I liked about Overstock is:

1. Big “Search” on the upper right corner with a “teaser” phrase: ” What would you like to save on today?”.

2. They reinforce their competitive advantage vs. other sites, the $2.95 flat rate for shipping, located right below Search.

3. The most important visual above the fold is the “Deals of the Day”, which clearly catches the eye and engages audience into continuing browsing.

4. Finally, they are very choiceful in what they portrait on their home site. they have focus on 3 categories: “Deals for the day”, “Shop Best Sellers” and “What’s Hot Right Now on”.

In general despite the great assortment of products has to offer, they have manage to have a clean site that highlights their biggest deals while encourages the audience to continue browsing.


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