Aesthetic Analysis – E-commerce: Eye-Fi

Eye-Fi is a company that provides a product with a simple but useful technology, wi-fi SD cards. With these cards consumers don’t need laptops with card slots, external card readers or cables. They can transfer their pictures from their cameras to the laptop through a wireless network. It sound like a great product, but their website does not live up to this great innovation.

The design of Eye-Fi website is pretty crowded, they have a simple product idea, but a confusing communication in their website. One key intervention should be to have one single visual explaining what their product is about.

Eye-Fi has a nice call to action, though. On the right corner above the fold. The button invites the consumer to “Browse Cards”, that is a informational link, however if you click on it, it takes you to a new page which headline presents the product and price and a “Buy Now” button. This is a smart route that eases the shopping process for the audience.


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