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Facebook: Instant Personalization or Instant Privacy Violation?

In the Digital Media era, the most important good is information. Therefore, information has become the new universal currency, we all exchange information, and somehow pay with information in return. For perspective, Facebook users are receiving an excellent networking service and in exchange users are providing Facebook with valuable information about trends and behaviors.

Based on this assumption, we can understand that Facebook’s business strategy is create a sustainable model that generates a huge and rich database of user that allows them to sell targeted advertising. However, the idea of offering the most efficient user data driven advertising, brings a challenge for Facebook, how to get more and more user data. Read More…

Aesthetic Analysis – E-commerce: is a website dedicated to offering great deals in a humongous variety of items. The highlights of what I liked about Overstock is: Read More…

Aesthetic Analysis – E-commerce: SeaLife Cameras

SeaLife is a brand for underwater cameras, then what would you expect when you visit their website? Well, amazing underwater pictures. However it is disappointing that their Home Page has one very flat picture of a shark and nothing else.

Importantly, this is a e-commerce website, however there is no link to buy a camera on this site. Online a link to its dealers.

Additionally, as in any electronic device, the consumer will very likely be interested in comparing the different products the brand in offering. By the way the site is organized it is hard to see on one screen all their line up and the comparison.

The product they offer would be a great excuse to engage the audience into social media and sharing, however, they have not links to Twitter or Facebook.

Personas, Audience and Web Design

It is almost common knowledge that maintaining a user friendly interface is a key factor when developing a website. This is especially true if you are looking to recruit membership or get people to purchase items or services from your site. While there are many factors that affect the usability of a site and how it should be structured; I have decided to touch on one essential piece to the web puzzle: knowing your audience.

Read More…

Google Joins E-Book Market

Watch out Kindle, iPad and Nook, there’s a new guy in town!   The Wall Street Journal has reported that Google has solidified plans to launch its own digital book store this summer.  Google Editions will sell a large selection of e-books on the web competing with other providers such as Amazon’s Kindle store and Apple’s iBooks.  According to a May 4th Mashable post: Read More…

Are Energy Efficient Websites The Future And Does Anyone Care?

As the search for green technology development and technological waste solutions are on the rise, humans are finding ways to incorporate energy efficient solutions in all aspects of their lives.  The internet continues to grow in addition to the ways that humans are using the internet to communicate and store information, which all requires energy and space.  As emails, pictures, video and audio files are uploaded and forgotten about, the amount of digital waste continues to grow as well. Read More…