E-commerce Analysis as a e-commerce site uses very light colors and presents a very soft feel or approach to it.  Looking at the top level of the site, it follows the trend of having a shopping bag text link in the top right hand corner.  In addition to the shopping bag there is a 800 number — which I haven’t seen on the other sites I have been analyzing.  It also tells me that they want their customer to call and interact with them during the ordering process, instead of just shopping on-line.  It might also be because they are just now building an on-line system and most of their customers are used to calling.  The image of the heart at this level is very cool, as it takes you to a page of all time favorites, and the wish list is also a nice feature for returning users.  Initially I thought that the heart would add the site to my favorites list — but I was wrong.  And I can’t remember the last time I use a wish list.  So I don’t know how useful those elements are and why they would be at the same level as the shopping bag that most on-line users pay attention too.  Continuing down the page, the ModCloth logo in the left hand corner is a link that takes you back to homepage and is part of the primary navigation of the site.  The primary navigation categories are: shop; blog; be the buyer; my account; about us; help; and search. 

The blog featured this high on the page is unlike all the other sites, additional the ‘be the buyer’ category really caught my attention.  Not only can you shop the site, but you can be the buyer by selecting the design pattern you like.  Based on the number of votes, the product is created.  Even the About Us page got me excited since it told me something about the site and displayed social network icons for facebook, twitter, myspace, kaboodle and polyvore.

Going back to navigation, the secondary navigation bar is its own left hand column and like the primary navigation found across the top of the site — it’s on every page.  It also includes a sign up for texts by joining ModMobile or e-mail by signing up for ModNews. Over all, thus far this is the most social networking friendly e-commerce site I have seen.   And that’s only the beginning — it also has a “live support” button. But I’m getting side tracked by the interactive tools.

Focusing on the images, is a site designed for women who are into vintage clothing.  The images on the homepage make it pretty clear as to the type of clothing you will find:  trendy with a very vintage feel.  Even the red poppies give you an old school feel and a filter seems to have been added to the photos to soften them.

As for structure, I noticed that based on the number of spaces for top level categories in the primary navigation bar — the site is set up on a grid of eight columns.  This is supported by the eight categories that can be found at the bottom of the site — which serves as the footer for the site.   What I don’t get about the site is why the search box is included on the same line as the top categories; it’s too small and should have its own space on the site.  Also, how many interactive pieces do you really need to connect to the brand?  The other piece that the site is missing is a darker accent color to guide the user.

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