Hightower Lowdown Analysis

Jim Hightower is a brand unto himself. Years of writing, radio and television have made him a popular American populist. He takes on the system, including corrupt government and business, and fights for the regular guy.

Hightower’s website is an extension of his subscription newsletter. And to that end, those who subscribe get special web offerings. The website definitely fits the persona of the man behind it.

It’s not flashy, but Spartan, straightforward and easy-to-use. Its entire approach is based on simplicity. Reading his column and opinions and subscribing to the site/newsletter are primary goals of the site, and are consistent throughout. But he also has active and consistent archive, donate and search functions readily available on every page. The old codger even has social media elements readily accessible, including Facebook and Twitter.

As alluded to above, the look and feel, while simple, are part of the website’s charm and effectiveness. Hightower’s web designers have created a site that continues his personality; nobody will feel intimidated or overwhelmed by this online presence, and that’s just the way it should be.


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