Government – Seattle Public Libraries

Seattle Public Libraries is a direct connection to citizens and local libraries across the city. The header offers the ability to log on to an account and search functions are clearly demonstrated. The design is steeped in navigation including events, jobs listings, news, tours, homework help, podcasts which all have excellent audience ties. The Audience designation is one of the important elements to the website with both header and sidebar designations encouraging engagement for the visitor. One element which was poor was the color scheme of the main header where blue-grey is used with blue grey fonts and is very difficult to read.

Audience: any Seattle citizen or visitor that wants public library information, data, research and services. Audience received emphasis in two major methods on a bold heading for separation into group listing by age, interests, etc. and side bar was an excellent draw for audience engagement.

Business goals: the businesses can select and receive information similar to any database with connection and links to e-news and the City of Seattle. Library card resource and application information.

Technologies: HTML, RSS, video, widget connections.

Similarities: Bold graphic font on Welcome (but color scheme difficult to read at times), a resource for public to engage in public services, event listings news. Interactivity was present in all sites especially in the SPL where ” homework help ” was a extremely positive design element.


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