Entertainment: Pandora Radio

Link: http://www.pandora.com

Pandora Internet Radio is the result of the Music Genome Project, the most sophisticated taxonomy of musical information ever collected. Since 2000, Pandora’s team of fifty musician-analysts has been listening to music, studying and collecting the distinct musical characteristics of almost every song. Building a database that includes precisely defined terminology, a consistent frame of reference, redundant analysis, and ongoing quality control, Pandora delivers users a radio experience that is unique to the listener’s preferences. By utilizing the musical information stored in the Music Genome Project, Pandora recognizes and responds to individual’s tastes to create a personalized radio experience.

The Pandora website acts as a customized music and music related content provider. After the user signs into their account, he or she is prompted to select a song or artist from which Pandora will generate a music station that features related content that Pandora predicts the user will enjoy based off of the characteristics of the chosen song or artist. The songs continuously streams until the user closes the site’s window, pauses the music, or enough time and inactivity has occurred for Pandora to prompt “Are you still listening?”

Like many other entertainment sites, Pandora offers top level navigation as well as sign in abilities along the top of the page. From the top level navigation bar, users can select Your Profile, About the Music, Mobile, Pandora One, and Help. What is not found here but is common in several other entertainment sites is a predicting search function. The site, however, does utilize high quality image icons and a clean design layout. While each song is playing, the cover image for the song’s album appears while the others are displayed in queue with a faded appearance (see image below for clarification). Additionally, content relating to the song and artist, such as lyrics or a Facebook friend who likes the current artist, displays on the page. What is unique about Pandora is that it utilizes your e-mail address to connect with your Facebook to let you know which songs and artists your Facebook friends like.


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