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Planned Parenthood Analysis

Planned Parenthood is an international institution dedicated to the education of men and women on sexual and reproductive health as well as helping them to make informed family decisions.  Planned Parenthood is a national umbrella overseeing smaller regional organizations, such as Planned Parenthood of the Columbia Willamette.

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Pacific Northwest Ballet Analysis

Pacific Northwest Ballet is the region’s premier ballet company and home of one of the top three ballet training institutions in the United States. Its website is a vehicle to promote performances, its educational offerings and connect enthusiasts with performers.

Screen shot: Pacific Northwest Ballet

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People for Puget Sound Analysis

People for Puget Sound are an organization whose mission is to protect and restore the health of our land and waters through education and action. One vehicle used in their efforts is the website whose primary purpose is to educate and inspire action from environmental enthusiasts. Secondary purposes are to sell memberships and solicit donations.

Screen shot: People for Puget Sound

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Beyond Twitter and Facebook: integrating other social elements

Facebook and Twitter icons are two elements websites can integrate to increase their social capabilities, but many forget that these giants are not the only features available. I was quite impressed by what I found while working on Assignment 2 in the unlikeliest of places: government websites. Read More…

Blogs Can Help Make Media Simple

Amid the proliferation of blogs there’s concern that they are merely adding to the confusion and noise on the web. At the heart of these criticisms is that bloggers are complicating the media world even further, making it harder to discern what is believable and accurate with so many varied opinions flying around the Internet.

Well, it just might be that blogs are actually simplifying media after all.

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Imerman Angels Analysis

Imerman Angels is a program that brings cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers together. After registering as a potential participant registrants are matched with others desiring one on one support. The website is a place for people to learn more about the program, register, subscribe and donate.

Screen shot: Imerman Angels

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