The iPhone 4G Incident

An interesting article came out today in Wired Magazine explaining a recent incident with Gizmodo and an iPhone 4G Prototype, an item that everyone’s trying to get their hands on at the moment to be the first to see what the newest technology will be.  Interestingly enough, last week, an iPhone 4G Prototype got into the hands of some people who definitely knew what it was and wanted to test it out.  One of the people who got their hands on it, worked for Gizmodo, a gadget and technology section from Wired Magazine.

The iPhone 4G prototype was evidently left at a bar by someone who worked at Apple back in March, and was picked up by a college kid.  The Police had no problem finding the guy who had taken the phone from the bar and soon paid a visit to his house to confiscate the phone, in which they searched his house.  People from Gizmodo and claim that the police must have traced the iPhone to the finder’s Address.  Gizmodo paid this person $5,000 to test it out and see how it works, but weren’t able to get past the iTunes screen.  San Mateo County police are now investigating the incident and have seized a computer from a Gizmodo writer.

There are some excellent features to the new 4G iPhone.  Some of them include:

  • Front-facing video-conferencing camera
  • High-res screen
  • Micro-SIM slot, similar to the one on the iPad
  • A camera flash

I thought this was an interesting story because there has been so much anticipation and hype over this phone (as there is with every Apple product). Not to mention that it’s shocking that Gizmodo decided to post information on their website about the prototype, knowing that Apple would most likely find out and come after them.  While being in this program and taking a class on Digital Media Law this quarter, I couldn’t help but wonder how Apple would find a way get back at Gizmodo.  Looks like they did.

After doing this post, Jon Stewart from the Daily Show did a hilarious segment on the incident that I think summed it up best. Enjoy!

The entire article from Wired Magazine can be read here.


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