"Design Is A Verb"

Screenshot of the website GOOD

I recently became acquainted with the magazine and website, GOOD, which covers a variety of topics including many different aspects of design. The article that led me to GOOD was “How Design Can Help Farmers’ Markets Feed a Growing Demand” and I was particularly struck by this passage:

Customers want beautiful, abundant marketplaces and farmers need large crowds of people…But to serve those crowds the traditional market is begging for innovation at every stage, from pieces that can aid the loading, packing and transporting of foods, as well as the vending systems…

I may have COM 585 on the brain, but this description reminded me of web design, especially (of course) from an e-commerce standpoint. But I liked the idea that in both the analog and digital world, good design is about “innovation at every stage.”

That doesn’t mean that it has to be complicated. I also like GOOD’s infographic “transparencies,” which present dry data in interesting and often entertaining graphical ways. I thought the infographic that incorporated an elementary school class photo to explain FBI statistics on crime in the United States was especially clever.

The takeaway: get design inspiration from unexpected sources.


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