Microblogging Could Help Drive Productivity Within Organizations

Whether you work for a small start up company with a few people, or a large corporation, communication break down is bound to happen and is often unavoidable.  With social media and blogging on the rise, being the go-to place for news, updates on friends, family or the latest gossip and is virtually being used by almost everyone now, it’s no wonder that organizations would now be utilizing social media as a project management and communications model for internal communication among employees.  The difference between these types of social media platforms and others like Facebook or Twitter is that organizations have to pay for them while being customizable according to the organization’s preferences.

The Harvard Business Review reports that more organizations are using these platforms to for internal communications.  Yammer, is a real-time communication tool for organizations with a platform that looks comparable to that of Facebook’s.  Users (or employees) are able to create a profile, just as they would in Facebook the user’s educational background and credentials.   There’s also a collaboration tool where people within the organization can collaborate with internal and external groups. The organization can communicate with advisors, partners, customers, suppliers, consultants and even the parent company. There’s also a mobile application tool so employees can stay connected while traveling.

Another real-time communication tool on the rise is called Socialtext which appears to have more options than Yammer. Socialtext contains a social networking aspect for employees to communicate with each other, but there’s also a private “Twitter-like” feed option, a dashboard, a wiki workspace for easy file sharing, an option for groups and social spreadsheets.  An on-site appliance provides performance and security and allows for hosting as well. There are other business solutions offered as well that include HR & Corporate Communications, Marketing and Sales, Field Service and Partner Management.

With this new trend of microblogging platforms being incorporated into internal communications practices within an organization, there will now be no excuse for employers to not keep employees informed at all times, or for employees to not stay informed at all times.  Microblogging for organizations could create a new trend in the customer service experience, but could also allow for organizations to be more organized from an internal perspective.  As social media evolves in all aspects of human life, I would expect to see more organizational real-time communications to evolve as well.



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