USAID – Government


Description: USAID is the US government’s agency responsible for international development.  It is an independent federal agency whose work is informed by policy decisions by the Secretary of State.  Key areas of focus:  economic development/agriculture/trade; global health; and democracy/conflict prevention/humanitarian assistance.  The site provides significant level of detail about USAID programs and overall policy strategy in geographies such as Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.  Most useful (in my humble opinion) are the research reports and other data related to development and/or humanitarian work.

Audience:  International development community, policy makers, academics

Goals:  Reinforce the agency’s leadership role in development strategies, inform key audiences on USAID projects and serve as a source of “industry” information for key audiences.

Technologies: html 4.0 transitional, javascript. CSS, UTF-8 encoding


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