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Nikon Festival

I love Nikon.  It is a brand that will forever have my loyalty.  Nikon Festival is a competition to create a video in 140 seconds or less, which is pretty much all the time needed to depict a great moment in time, or “The Decisive Moment” as Henri Cartier Bresson would say.   Nikon Festival site is a great way to get the creative minds competing with tools that are unmistakably superior forms of technology.  Plus, there is a 100,000 dollar grand prize with well renowned judges to make the call.  The video quality is impeccable, with great lighting and lens techniques from all scopes of the entries.  Truly a great inspiration for any artist.

The audience are Nikon fans, videographers, photographers and creative thinkers.  Most of the audience have higher grade equipment of Nikon, and not just the point and shoot which means they have to have some money but certainly excited to be gaining the exposure and money if they won the grand prize.  Exposure is key for this site because it gives artists a voice, a chance to show their talents in front of a huge talented and well exposed audience.

Site goals… hmm… I think it would be keeping the buzz and conversation going.  There is no mention of Nikon Festival on the actual Nikon USA site which definitely limits the traffic.  They have some social networking going but no sharing widget!  I want to share some of the blog posts and videos to my social network portals but so that it is seamlessly integrated with their Nikon Festival logo and links for each social media page.

The other element that is missing from this site is the camera that is being used for each video.  I think that should be vital to a Nikon Festival website.  As a photographer, and Nikon lover, I want to know what type of equipment the artists used.  Heck, it may even get me to purchase new equipment.

Video, video, video!  The whole site is based on video competitions, so all the streaming video on this site needs to be functioning perfectly.  And it does.  They are not using vimeo, or you tube obviously for security and still their streaming video functions very well with no startup delay.  The other technology on this site is javascript slideshow on the home page.  It has a very Huluesque feel to it with the way that it scrolls through each page and has the transparent text box over the image.  Pretty clean and well done.

The best part of this site.  It’s tag line.  In 140 seconds or less.  It works perfectly to depict a great video, plus it works with twitter as well.  The Festival Tweets in 140 characters or less…

Nikon Festival


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