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One of my favorite online resources for the past few years is Smashing Magazine.  This is an online magazine that is WP powered that has really shown the power and ease of wordpress.  This site has amazing SEO and has really built a great resource of information and ideas for all designers out there.  So, who is the audience?  Me!  Any designer, developer, project manager that wants to stay on the cutting edge of design.  This would be your one stop shop.  It has great links to free downloads for fonts, source codes, samples and even tutorials.

Their business goals for this site is to continue to build their SEO.  I imagine that they get an enormous amount of traffic that they could then advertise along the right of their site which is a great way for them to continue to be a reliable source and make money at the same time.  It is a great networking tool and a fantastic way for designers to get their work showcased.  This site has a great platform that is already bringing in a huge audience base and a constant flow of high paying advertisers like  Getty Images and Adobe.

Smashing Magazine doesn’t actually use a lot of fancy technologies.  They have some javascript, a mailing list, RSS feed and of course their social media widgets… but in reality their coding is very simple.  Very straightforward HTML with no animation, flash and very little video.  The main base of their site is text, images and links; which is what makes their site so great.  It is easy to search, read through quickly and to look for elements that are interesting to the viewer.  If you have not used this site, I highly recommend it to anyone interested in Design, on any level.  It makes it easy for all levels and really gives you access to free tools that makes life a million times easier.  Thank the web for Smashing!  It’s absolutely smashing!

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine Home Page

Flash Commentary on Smashing Magazine

Flash Commentary for Smashing Magazine

Just another screenshot of Smashing Magazine because this was an interesting commentary about using Flash for websites… which made me think of Kathy, and her love for Flash.


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