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ICON DOCK http://icondock.com

Icon Dock is certainly going to have a hard e-commerce time.  Their pricing is not cheap, comparatively to other stock sites, and have a pretty small collection.   Although their sets are large in numbers, there is small diversity of styles and design. They don’t even have a social media set for sale, only a free vector set which has strict limitations on license.

This site is designed pretty well in wordpress, and I have to say that I am truly impressed with their drop down checkout purchasing process on the left. But who is their target audience?

Their main audience are designers who can use this product. Even by looking at the comments, you can see that most of the designers are looking for a deal, and I am guessing that the site gets most of their traffic via the free icons available to download.

As far as site goals, it is apparent that they need a better way to entice me to purchase the icons instead of downloading the free ones. There is no commentary or reviews available on the icons to purchase, only on the free icons. The comments are extremely positive, except for the few not agreeing with the licensing agreement.  So, why not have reviews / comments on the icons for purchase?  If I am going to purchase a set of icons for $60, then I certainly want to hear the consumers opinion.

Icon DockTheir shopping cart is their best technology.  It is a drag and drop shopping cart that is designed for the interactive and fluid shopping process online.  And the best part of it all is that the technology is simply a javascript code and a plugin that can be downloaded from WordPress itself.  Pretty great application of wordpress possibilities.


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