Week 10 – Class Notes

Agenda – Sitemaps, Wireframes and Storyboards

  • Housekeeping (grades)
  • Lecture/Discussion (ppt)
  • Project-Hands-on

Questions – Standards


  • It seems as if there are many different standards for web design. Are all of these groups that are creating these standards attempting to work together to create one main document?
  • What are some examples of the rich visual feedback that Cooper mentions on page 543?
  • How does one draw the line between relying too heavily on standards versus using standards too lightly?


  • How should designers promote program learning without the use of error boxes?
  • How can designers avoid error box complacency? (Accepting a box without reading it & so on…)
  • What are some situations when dialog boxes might be helpful?


  • Cooper advises against overuse of alerts and confirmations, as they interrupt the user experience. What are some situations that require keeping these alert boxes (i.e., when is it smart to “second guess” the user?)
  • Are there any examples of standard-setting committees that develop controversial standards, or standards that have been found to benefit specific institutions, governments, or corporations?

Questions – Site Maps


  • On page 305 Brown says that creating quick and dirty wireframes before the requirements process is over (paragraph 4) will help prevent from missing website requirements (paragraph 1 & 2). How does this help?
  • Brown states that wireframes shouldn’t be created if they don’t need to be. However, he also states that wireframes are helpful for the engineers in creating the website. When should they be used and when shouldn’t they be used?


  • What are your views on the advantages of site indexes over sitemaps?
  • What are the best organizational philosophies for sitemaps?
  • Why do you think some designers choose not to include sitemaps?


  • What makes comprehensive list of categories in a navigation bar different from a site map? (e.g., IGN)
  • Must a site map be comprehensive for it to be a site map?
  • What are the drawbacks to having a site map on your website?

Good SiteMaps:

Questionable Site Maps:

Steve Krug’s Site

AskTog: Interfaces That Kill 

WebDev Firm Promo


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