Week 4 – Conceptual Models


  • Discussion, conceptual models (ppt)
    • Videos – “desktop” metaphor”
  • Discussion BBC
    • Nate, Rebekah, Sarah
      • What technologies have you used where the design makes good use of metaphor?
      • How should we use concept model(s) in our website redesign? How do we keep the familiarity of the Mechanical-Age and still utilize all the possibilities of the Information-Age in the context of design?
      • What do you think about the BBC’s lack of continuity in the layout of each facet of the website? The site doesn’t seem to stay consistent with color. For example, different categories use different colors, and the new main page (and BBC logo) is now green. Is there a benefit to mixing up color?
      • How have Web 2.0 philosophies effected the design and content of media sites?
      • Why would a neutral color – gray in the case of the BBC site — be a good idea for the toolbar anchor point? Wouldn’t a bright color be better at guiding the eye to it?
      • Is there a downside to offering too many customizable tools? Can this alienate some beginner and intermediate users?
      • What are some examples of perceived affordances that you can think of?
    • Video – interview with Steve Rogers”
    • Review Glass Wall (login required)
  • Team project


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